Trip Prep.

Time to Prep – Spring Break Trip 2015

Ok, time for another road trip!  The Road Trip blog from the last vacation was sadly destroyed during a server move.  (someone forgot to back it up first.)  This years trip is a week away and it is time to start planning what to pack, where to go, what do put in the car for the girls, and what to leave at home!

And now, the first (of many) packing lists:

  • Clothes for the trip for all including swim suits.  Suitcases and backpacks!
  • Tablets, Phones, and a crap ton of chargers with a power strip to plug them in.  Roku box?
  • Camera’s and chargers.
  • Cooler full of juice pouches, water, soda, etc for the drive.  (Beer for the destination!)
  • Get Van serviced this weekend.
  • CLEAN THE VAN!  Throw out trash, vacuum, CLEAN!
  • (more will be added later.)

To be continued and hopefully not deleted again…..


Laundry, Organizing, and Packing!!!  During the short hours between getting home from work and before the girls head to bed, it’s hard to get things done.  With a very active 3 year old… nothing gets done if she isn’t involved.  Last loads of laundry to be done so clothes can be ready for the trip, and the careful organization of “how much can we take” vs. “packing the whole house.”  A difficult balance to be sure.

Tonight as the washer and drier spin, I shall effort to organize the “gadgets” for the trip.  Cameras, Computer, Cables, DVD’s and DVD Player, all wrapped together in a tidy pile… or thrown in the corner hoping we don’t forget half of it.  Tonight, I will try to get some done or I will slam it all together tomorrow and “Hope for the best.”  Sometimes I like living with a “fools luck.”  Wish us lots!!!

Almost Here!!!

So our big family road trip is fast approaching!!  Preparations and packing continue and our list of things to do is getting overwhelmingly large!!!  I am actually excited and really looking forward to a potentially fun trip.  We’ll see and keep you updated!!