Monthly Archive: June 2016

Vacation has come to an end.

So, as we wait around to check out of our rental, I think we are all ready to go home.  However, Emily and Ella are very sad to leave Ginger (Narangee) even though she has bitten Ella a couple of times.  

We tried to go to El Lago Guajataca yesterday but were unsuccessful finding the place after driving around very scary, seemingly abandoned roads.  The scenery was beautiful but straight out of a horror movie!!  I could not even peel my hands off the door handle to take a picture.  😞😳

We settled instead for San Sebastián which was quite pretty and clean.

We also visited my mom’s cousin, who lost her daughter to cancer.  I got to meet my cousins and their kids.  It was a nice visit and the girls got to speak English with a kid their age for the second time in two weeks.

It has been a very nice vacation and I feel very happy that my girls got to visit Puerto Rico and meet so many family members!  

It’s been a while but we’ve been busy!! 

So vacation is soon coming to an end, 5 days left.  Corey left 4 days ago and is back in the normal routine of day to day life at home.

Since Corey went back home, we have been visiting a lot of family but have been able to sneak in a few fun day trips.  El Faro de Cabo Rojo was beautiful!!!  The beach, La Playuela, or Playa Sucia as some call it, was ok, but not as great as I thought it would be.  The beach is most certainly beautiful, but not great to bathe in.  

We did manage to get the girls back to el Salto de Collazo (water fall) and they had a blast.  I was a bit nervous because of all the rain that has been falling, but the trip was thankfully uneventful!  

Today we went to the Arecibo Lighthouse, which was really beautiful.  There was a small water park onsite and they girls frolicked around for over two hours!  

Not sure what we will do tomorrow, but I think everyone is quite tired…..

Words of wisdom for Thursday…

If you see an email from your bank saying something changed and you did not make that change… don’t ignore it!

Banking drama caused a few headaches on Thursday.  We believe the situation is under control however it is a royal pain in the butt.

Drove to the San Juan side of the island today.  Lots of family time and beautiful mountain scenery.  Stayed the night at a hotel near old San Juan and the girls got to swim in the hotel pool for a while.


Caves, bats, and outer space.

So today was a pretty tiring day but we got to see some really neat things and places!  

On our way to the caves, we ended up on a very cray cray mountain road, but we did get to see some beautiful country.  The caves were so much fun!  It would have been so nice to be able to explore on our own, though….  We heard bats and encountered lots of poop but did not (gladly) get to see them!

We then hopped over to the observatory, which was pretty cool!!

A nice view of the Tunel de Guajataca wrapped up our second vacation day.  Ready for more adventures tomorrow!!

End of the first full day.

After arriving at the rental house and getting to bed at 4am…. the day started again at 9am. 

We traveled to the remains of the house where Sara lived in Lares and stopped at a road side waterfall where the girls got a bit wet. 


We had ice cream and cold coconut milk.  Took “the senic” route back to the house.  Loved one road so much, we took it twice! 

Once back to the rental house, we put groceries away and fed our local friendly neighborhood cat.


Dinner by the beach and ended the day out getting wet. 


Good first day.