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Thursday in Omaha.

Good day with the grandparents.Went to a drive thru safari park.Saw deer, buffalo (american bison), and prairie dogs.Chilled in the afternoon and played with the dogs at Grandma and Grandpas place.Dinner at La Mesa Mexican restaurant. I’ve never seen Ella eat with such vigor.

At the gate…

At the gate….  charging phones… ready to go.  TSA was actually not a nightmare and didn’t take forever.  A quick to go breakfast for all and potty breaks before the flight.  Emily was introduced to a “hurtzdontit.”  Looking forward to snow.

Words of wisdom for Thursday…

If you see an email from your bank saying something changed and you did not make that change… don’t ignore it!

Banking drama caused a few headaches on Thursday.  We believe the situation is under control however it is a royal pain in the butt.

Drove to the San Juan side of the island today.  Lots of family time and beautiful mountain scenery.  Stayed the night at a hotel near old San Juan and the girls got to swim in the hotel pool for a while.


End of the first full day.

After arriving at the rental house and getting to bed at 4am…. the day started again at 9am. 

We traveled to the remains of the house where Sara lived in Lares and stopped at a road side waterfall where the girls got a bit wet. 


We had ice cream and cold coconut milk.  Took “the senic” route back to the house.  Loved one road so much, we took it twice! 

Once back to the rental house, we put groceries away and fed our local friendly neighborhood cat.


Dinner by the beach and ended the day out getting wet. 


Good first day.